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The idea for Whole Time Weekly Planners really started asserting itself on a significant birthday, one ending with a zero, the kind that makes you want to forget about the linear implications of time. Out with the personal digital assistant -- it fosters a mind-body split and implies that time is a technologically produced commodity. I needed purely organic access to time, no digital interface, so I went hunting for a new weekly planner, only to find a selection of grid systems devolving into rectangular increments so small I thought Iā€™d never freely spend another moment again. So I started drawing and reading and making, thinking about what I was really trying to accomplish. The result, Whole Time Planners, is an invitation to reconsider your relationship to time, or maybe just to spend some time coloring. Enjoy!

A few more details:

My name is Kelly. I grew up in the Ozarks, the daughter of a tennis-playing archaeologist-turned-family therapist and a philosophy professor who specializes in time. Iā€™m up to two masterā€™s degrees now, one in journalism and one in community planning, and have followed a spiral career path. I spent the first part of my working life as a newspaper reporter, PR person, and science writer, then went back to school, did a stint in the non-profit and faith-based world of refugee services, and am now back to working in a science-based environment. I live in a blue bubble in a red state, and have a husband, two teenagers and a bassador, who constantly remind me that "happily ever after" is really just the beginning of the next adventure.

Updated December 19, 2010

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