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2014 Whole Time Weekly Planner
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Unlike traditional weekly planners, Whole Time Planners represent days and weeks with circles instead of rectangles. The days of each week are arranged into a honeycomb, with one week per page. Weeks start with Sunday at the 12 o'clock position and move clockwise, ending with Saturday in the center.

In addition to solstices, equinoxes and full and new moons, the 2014 calendar includes holidays from Judiasm, Christianity and Islam, and United States holidays.

The 2014 Whole Time Planner is available as a free pdf document. We recommend that you print the pages (one-sided if you'd like more writing space, two-sided if you'd like to save paper) and put them in a cover that you like.

Disclaimer / Product Warning: A Whole Time Planner may not be ideal for people who are still learning to navigate western time. We think of it as an antidote to Too Many Squares.

Updated January 1, 2014

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